Melvin Gundlach

Take a look at some of my previous work...

Introduction to “Swift on Server”

I’ve written an article about Swift on Server with Vapor and the advantages in interaction with iOS apps.

You can read it on the it-economics blog. It's also available in German.

UpdateNotification: In App Update Notifications

I just release UpdateNotification, a Swift package for managing update feeds and showing update notifications in your app.

More info: GitHub

Synology FFmpeg Hardware Transcoding

Recently I needed to convert one of my H.265 4K videos to an H.264 MP4 file for playback on an older device. As the original video was already on the NAS, I thought about converting it right there using the DiskStations’s CPU.

FFmpeg was installed on the NAS in two versions. One bundled with the VideoStation app. The other one … Read More…

Denon Volume released

This is my very first app that I publicly distribute. As macOS doesn't offer a software solution for volume control for digital audio output such as HDMI or Coax, I wanted to build a little menu and Touch Bar app that could send network commands to Denon Receivers. With this app you can set the volume of your Denon AVRs right from the menu bar or Touch Bar.

Download Page: CLICK HERE

Note: The app should even work with some – if not all – Marantz Receivers as Denon and Marantz are the same company. The two device families share most of their network commands.

High 4K - House of Entertainment

This is one of the videos I like the most, because of its clean visuals and very polished look.

High 4K - 2017 Showreel

This video was built on the 2016 Showreel, but took it to another level.

Star Wars - Music Video with the Solina Cello Ensemble

This is most likely the biggest project I led. It was a lot of work, but it is equally rewarding seeing it finished.

I worked together with the Solina Cello Ensemble, Michael Gundlach and several other people behind the scenes. Special Thanks go out to the awesome Star Wars-Fans at Starbase07.

High 4K - 2016 Showreel

One of my first videos for the Channel was the 2016 Showreel. I made the video in 2014 although it took a year until it was shown to the public, because the channel hadn't officially launched yet.